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Digital Cream 2012 San Jose

November 30, 2011

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Digital Cream is an event organized by e-consultancy every year. It is an invitation-only event for senior client-side digital marketers to help them meet their peers and learn from each other about the latest best practice, what’s working and what’s not.

It’s a ‘hands-on’ participatory event where you get to network and learn through discussion, roundtables and debate.

The round-table format enables the members to have a fruitful discussion on a number of subjects that are relevant to all the members in the group. Peers can share their views, challenges and opportunities with each other.

There are three roundtable sessions of an hour and fifteen minutes each. Each round table will be moderated and focused on a particular topic with the roundtable attendees proposing specific questions or challenges they wish to discuss on that topic in the time available.

The specific agenda for each topic roundtable will depend on the input of the delegates.

You must be a senior digital marketer from a brand, e-tailer, or publisher to qualify for free attendance. 

Contact John Gibb at or 212 699-3641 for further information on attending the event as a delegate.

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Facebook Gives New Marketing Advice for Businesses

November 25, 2011


Facebook have developed a microsite, which guides you through the new features of Facebook Insight to help the businesses get better from their Facebook Page. On the website their is a quick reference feature that shows what’s what when you mouseover at different places. Good thing for someone who wishes to know everything in a short time.

Here is a screenshot of the Insight Dashboard.

Facebook Insight is not something new and it was introduced by Facebook in August. Some of the key answers that Facebook is “How many”:

  • Liked your Page
  • Liked, commented on, or shared your Page post
  • Answered a Question you’ve asked
  • Responded to your event
  • Mentioned your Page
  • Tagged your Page in a photo
  • Checked in or recommended your Place

It is a good tutorial and you should check it out!

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The New Age Responsibilities

November 22, 2011


After watching this video, I’m sure all of us would think that “I wish I was working in a place like this where my responsibilities would be so cool”.

This is the new commercial of Blackberry Torch 4G by AT&T.

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Old Spice Latest Commercial

November 22, 2011


Old Spice’s latest commercial shows three men collapsing in a hot tub when they smell old spice. The tagline says:

The scents of Old Spice turn embarrassingly normal guys into face model champions who smell like adventure and fine cutlery. So douse your body regions with the scents of Old Spice and “Smell Better Than Yourself.”

The most scary part is that an old man converts into a hot chick. I’m not that impressed with the ad. Old Spice can come up with something better for sure especially after the Fabio vs Isaiah Mustafa live challenge.

Watch the ad for yourself and see.

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Google Analytics New Look

November 17, 2011

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Google Analytics has now implemented the new look to all the analytics account and one the first look it ain’t looking pretty. For users like me who have been using analytics since the time it was launched will be in for some shock… First look and I can say navigation is not that user friendly anymore but the other added features surely compensate for it.

  • Dashboard – Those of you who were tired to select  “show 50 rows” on the dashboard to be able to see all their accounts will be in for a treat. All your accounts are listed on one page and you just need to select which account you wish to go to.
  • Real time reporting – No need to wait for 2 hours for analytics to update its data. You can now see in real time what is happening on your website. Reports are updated within seconds of an event happening on your website.
  • Multi channel funnel – With this option you can find out which channels your customers interacted with 30 days prior to your making the purchase.
  • Mobile reporting – Finally its here. I was wondering that with the usage of mobiles increasing so much why hasn’t Google done something about it. Well, the new Google analytics now has mobile reporting allowing you to understand how your mobile visitors are treating your website. You can also see which mobile devices are being used and it can be beneficial to optimize for those devices.

If you are not impressed, you can always switch back to the old version but I’m not sure for how long the old version will be made available. So try the new analytics and let me know what you think!

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Digital Marketing Comes In The Men’s Room

November 15, 2011



London startup Captive Media has come up with a new Captive8 system which is a video game screen for men’s bathroom. The most interesting part is that these branded games are controlled by the user’s bladder emissions.

The device was implemented for trial in a Cambridge pub and is now live in a Soho, London bar.

In the game, men can control the games simply by moving their stream left and right. Scores can be posted to an online leader board and to Twitter.

Captive Media plans to use the screens for advertisement when they are not in use by games.

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Microsoft’s Art of Touch Project

November 11, 2011


Microsoft has come up with a new project called the “Art of Touch”. It is a digital canvas that lets users create and share digital art. It is only limited to users having HTML5 capable browsers though.

The “Art of Touch” is a marketing campaign for Microsoft’s touch computer mice. On the website, you can use your mouse or trackpad to create art using brushes and various effects developed by generative artists Erik Natzke, “Dr. Woohoo!” and Marius Watz.

Microsoft aims to make this project one of the largest digital art pieces in the world.

To make it more popular it also has social media features like sharing art on social networks, entering into competition and voting for friend’s art. Winners would be announced each week and the user who gets maximum votes by Dec 31 will get a grand prize.

Check the website and see for yourself.

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Apple’s Siri – Big Threat to Google?

November 8, 2011


Technology keeps changing almost everyday. You buy a new phone today only to know that it’s upgrade would be launched in 3 months. Similarly, the mobile innovation giant Apple has upgraded the iPhone 4 and come up with the most hyped app, Siri which supposedly posses as a big threat to Google.

Siri is an intelligent assistant that can help you use computing technology in everyday life in a useful way. It brings together many technologies including natural language processing and semantic analysis. So far the tests and reviews have suggested that the technology works.

For people who have switched to Android thinking it has the major market share might be in for a loss with the Apple 4S. Siri is an effort of 5 years of research, 300 researchers and $200 million worth of grant. Apple bought Siri in April 2010 outbidding Google paying a huge price of above $200 million.

Siri is fun, exciting and very useful. I would say it is Steve Jobs’ one of the biggest success and innovation in the Apple. Siri has certain issues with Scottish accent but it can understand US, UK and Australian English as well as French and German. If you were to believe Apple, then it is expected to come up with support for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian and Spanish by 2012.

Android supporters can say that Google also has Voice search, but it is just an app limited to the search functionality. I’m thinking that Google’s engineers would be working hard now to bring something similar to Siri, but definitely Siri has got the first mover advantage and it would take 2-3 years for its competitor to come.

With Siri, I suppose Apple will have an advantage in Smartphones similar to what Google has over MSN in search.

Gary Morgenthaler one of the original funders of the project before it was sold to Apple said that the current beta version could be compared to the Wright brothers plane and thats as far he thinks it has to go (see video).

We need to wait and see now how far speech recognition can go. There are no third party apps for this at the moment, but I’m hoping this would come out soon as well. Imagine if there were developers writing scripts for enhancing Siri for their websites. The possibilities of making Siri more intelligent would be huge then. We would have Siri in our homes. Just sit on the couch and command the TV to switch on and change channels, no remote, no buttons. People would get more and more lazy and probably the obesity rate would increase further.

Google has taken a big stab this time and from what the reports say, they are not taking it in the right spirit as well. One public announcement made by Google said, “your phone should not be your assistant”. People have now and again said negative things about technology which they cannot anticipate. Like the time when Wright brothers came up with flying machine, people said “why would we want to fly” and look at today’s generation. No one wants to walk or drive, everyone wants to fly.

Android might have many smartphones and biggest share, but Apple iPhone now has the cutting edge, it has undoubtedly proved itself again as the pioneer of innovation and creativity. Hats off to Steve Jobs and his team!

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