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Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign – Vanish Creates the Biggest Bra

October 31, 2011

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We all talk about breast cancer awareness, we wear pink bows and t-shirts, take out rallies, but here is something really creative done by Vanish, the Reckitt Benckiser-owned cleaning brand. They have created the world’s biggest bra and put it up on the ITV Southbank building for display.

The bra was unveiled on 28th October by Hollyoaks acrtress Gemma Merna.

Measuring 31 meters around the chest, the bra has been registered as the World’s biggest bra in the Guinness book of world records. It was designed by the marketing agency Chillisauce and took about four weeks to complete.

Stefan Gaa, marketing director of RB UK, said Vanish is “very proud” to be supporting “wear it pink” day, which it will be supporting through on-pack and Facebook activity. He said: “This is an issue that affects so many women and their families and Campaign are doing a vital job in raising funds for research and keeping breast cancer high profile.

The campaign expects to generate a lot of funds for the charity and it sure is a very innovative way to achieve the same.

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Learn Social Media from Non-Profits – The Dragonfly Effect

October 28, 2011

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Companies spend endless hours trying to figure out the best strategy for their social media activities and yet they remain confused and end up messing the entire thing.

Stanford University marketing professor Jennifer Aaker and marketing strategist Andy Smith have tried to find answers to why companies goof up social media activities in their book titled – “The Dragonfly Effect”. The book contains a lot of case studies from real life and one such case study that is very interesting and gives us a lot of things to ponder upon is the Harrison case study.

The story is about a guy name Scott Harrison who is a 28 year old New Yorker, promoter of a nightclub and fashion. His main skill is to bring models and hedge funds together and sell them $500 vodka. Money, power and fame, he had it all, yet inside he felt his lifestyle was empty.

So one fine day he decided to walk away from his lifestyle and volunteered to sever on a floating hospital serving the world’s poorest nations. He served as a photojournalist and soon he saw that the world is very different from his own life in New York. People who came to the hospital had various problems, tumors, cleft lips, and other water borne diseases.

After 8 months he came back to New York but not to his previous lifestyle. He realized that most of the problems he had were due to lack of clean drinking water. Thus, in 2006 he formed a charity called “water”.

The charity was launched on his 31st birthday and he asked people to not send him gifts and instead donate $31 to his charity. His birthday alone generated $15,000 and since then today the total donations amount to $20 million equal to 3,000 water projects in various parts of the world.

So what can we learn in terms of social media engagement from the success of “water”.

  • Tell a Story – You must have read this article and instantly gotten attached to Harrison. He also told the story on various media channels like Youtube, Facebook, etc and instantly was able to engage people and get them to donate.
  • Empathize with your Audience – Let people get attached to brand and how it related with your campaign. Water was a success with the photos and videos of the people who were suffering from water borne diseases. Instead of showing numbers, organization showed real picture to help their audience connect with the gravity of the issue and how “water” can help.
  • Emphasize Authenticity – Social media is very vulnerable. It is very easy to break a brand image and thus it becomes very important to show authenticity. When you claim something, it better be true. You cannot simply go and say we are number 1. Water’s commitment was transparency, donors knew what the core issue was and where the money was going. Reports and updates on the charity’s website helped people know that indeed their money was put to use in a good cause.
  • Match Media with Message  – “Water” has a staff dedicated to updating all the social media streams such as Facebook, Twitter. It also uses videos heavily because no better way to convey human emotions. Big celebrities like Terry George also came forward to promote the charity. Even a spot was reserved in the popular reality show, American Idol.

It is very important for us to get our social media tactics right and simple case study such as this can actually convey a lot of lessons.


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Online Checkout – The Google Way

October 27, 2011

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All of us have experienced annoying checkout experiences online. What if those experiences were to be seen in real life? Google has come up with 2 minute video highlighting the importance of getting the checkout right.

Check out the video and share with us what is the worst checkout experience you have got lately..

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Facebook Conversations Ignored by Brands

October 21, 2011

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When Facebook came up with the idea of offering business pages for brands, everyone jumped in the wagon and started building brand pages blindly. Now after few years, there are very few brands who are maintaining their pages and promoting conversations, most of the companies have either forgotten to update or are using FB page for just promoting their products.

What these companies fail to realize is that Facebook is a social networking channel whose primary goal is to communicate and build relations. One of the shocking revelations came from CEO of Socialbakers who mentioned in one of his posts about the lack of interactions brands have on their Fan Pages. Only 5% of wall posts by consumers are responded to.

I suppose a lot of it has to do with the fact that brands jumped in too quickly to get themselves on FB and probably wasn’t aware of how the page needs to be maintained. If you do not have a brand page, it is understandable, but having one and not using it in the right way is simply harmful for your reputation. It’s like having a contact us form and never responding to inquiries.

Check out the response rate of brands in various verticals below. You would be surprised to see the poor rates.

I’m not surprised to see that many companies have even disabled comments on their wall. What is the point of then having a Facebook page, you might as well be good with simply a website. For these companies having is a FB page is rather harmful to their own brand identity.

Here are some keys for owning a Facebook page:

  • If you cannot maintain a Facebook conversation, do not have a page in the first place.
  • Monitor what your consumers are saying, they have come to interact with you, do not let their messages go unattended.
  • Respond to negative comments properly, instead of deleting them or blocking comments.
  • Facebook is not a sales channel, do not just use it to post your promotions.
  • Use tools to monitor conversations, there are many of them out there.
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Are Your Consumers Changing Minds After Negative Reviews

October 15, 2011

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Reading online reviews and making a purchase decision based on them has become very common these days. People trust what other people say and experience.

But a recent study by Cone Communications reveals that 4 out of 5 consumers change their minds about recommended products based solely on the negative reviews that they find online. Compared to 2010, this number has increased by 67%, thus implying the strong influence these product reviews are having on consumers.

It’s not only the negative reviews, positive reviews do tend to influence the purchasing decisions. As per the results, 85% of people have said that they are more likely to buy the product if the reviews are positive.

While researching product information on websites is most popular, consumers are also moving towards rating websites and blogs of experts. The number of people who gather information from social networks and their friends is less compared to other places but is still significant.

However, one of the most interesting finding is that consumers tend to believe a source less trusthworthy if he/she has lot of followers or fans on social networks. I suppose people have started understanding that a lot of followers might not necessarily mean expertise, followers can be purchased also and exagerated numbers can be filled with fake accounts as well.

The growing impact of negative reviews on consumers is something that marketers should be watchful of. It takes less than 10 minutes for a disgruntled consumers to go online and post  negative things about a product. It now becomes very important for companies to keep their eyes open and read what is being said about their products online. If there is something negative, it is very important to reach out and make amends accordingly. Damage control is the new mantra.

Moving onwards it is imperative for brands to make your consumers your brand ambassador. Give them what they want, offer them satisfaction and they will do the publicity for you for free.

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Facebook Scavenger Hunt by Universal Pictures

October 14, 2011


Universal Pictures runs Facebook scavenger hunt

To promote the latest film Tower Heist, Universal Pictures have launched an interactive campaign called Facebook scavenger hunt.

To participate, consumers need to click on “Heist” buttons on the Facebook pages and Facebook related ads about the film. For every click the participants will earn Facebook credits. If you wish to earn more then you can share it with your friends as well.

Named as “Heist It Back” campaign, I personally feel it is a good approach to promote the film. The idea was coined by the interactive agency “The Branding Farm” and IT company IFeelGoods.

To participate you will need to allow Universal Pictures to access your basic profile information so that they can use it to better understand the demographics of its audience.

It is a very good way to do market segmentation and there is no better place than Facebook for collecting personal information.

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YouTube’s Space Lab – Invitation for Scientists to Show their Skills

October 11, 2011

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Google has launched a YouTube Space Lab channel in association with Lenovo. It is inviting all the scientists to come up with a science experiment for space and upload a video on YouTube explaining the experiment.

If the idea wins, it will be performed on the International Space Station and live streamed on YouTube for the world to see. And ofcourse, the idea winner will get to earn some cool prizes too!

So, put on your thinking caps and come up with your own experiment. It is a very good opportunity for the young space scientists to come up with innovative ideas and showcase the same to the world.

For more details visit,

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Think Different When Making Ads – Message from Steve Jobs

October 10, 2011


Have you ever over sold your brand? Well, here are some words of wisdom straight from the most innovative man in IT. Branding and creating ads is not about selling the product, but about selling the experience you get from using the product.

When Coke makes an ad, it does not tell you what its ingredients are, it merely shows the experience and satisfaction people get when they drink coke.

Even though it is a very old video, it still has a low of meaning in today’s world.

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